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Pricing / FAQ

How do I get pricing information?
All Stock Animal images are priced on a Rights Managed basis. This means that the fee to license an image is based on specifically how it will be used. For example, if the image will be used in a brochure, the license fee will depend on how many brochures will be printed, whether the image will appear on the inside or cover, the size of the image, the region in which the brochure will be distributed and the period of time over which the brochure will be distributed. To request a price call 312 226-2272 or email us at .

Do you offer Royalty Free images or subscription services?
Since all our images are only available on a Rights Managed basis we do not offer Royalty Free images or Subscription services.

How do I receive images I have licensed?
Once we have received payment or a purchase order (USA only) we will upload the images to our download site and send an email with download information on how to download the images.


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